Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a million apologies.

I've been a horrible blogger recently, and here are my reasons why.
01. Work
02. Work
03. Work
04. Recession

Haha well hopefully I can get back to at least updating this thing once a week. This post should be worth reading or i mean "viewing" since they mainly consist of photos cause i am a horrible writer.

Lately i've been working on M U N N Y S.
here's the first:


His arms could be better. but the best part is you can always improve designs.

BLINK 182 welcome back

Self explanatory. WELCOME back blink.


it's blink! I will add individual photos soon, these guys were done with mini style. I'm starting to enjoy working off the minis.

Work it out BEATFREAKS

America's best dance crew featured an all girl break dancing team this season. All i have to say is they were BAD FUCKIN ASS. My 6 year old niece took a quick liking to them so i decided to munny out her favorite dancer, RINO!

that is all for RIGHT NOW. i shall hit you up later with my favorite you tube links from the past 2 months. OooOO exciting right?