Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i time-travel to get ahead.

So Life aka Work has been busy, which is a good thing because in today's economy you don't want your business slowing down. But none-the-less I apologize for not updating.

here's what I've been up to, pretty random and nothing interesting. haha.

My Mini Schnauzer and My Mega Munny.

I love this dog. Even if he eats my paintbrushes and hides my paint.

Crazy Lil Humans.


Phase One

Triple D: Patrick's Road House: CHECK!


I made my nieces a robot disguised as a spaceship

Saw Aaliyah up in a shop, R.I.P "babygirl"

It's Rainin!

OooOooh a rainbow!

last but not least, 2 sketches.

" Candy doesn't have to have a point. That's why it's candy " - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Updates...

Friday night:

I went to watch "Coraline" with my sister and 2 nieces. I don't know if that was the BEST idea. But ah well, they liked it. I absolutely adored it. I love Henry Selick's way of thinking. The colors, animation, character story lines, Just the whole story in general was amazing. Weird that I've been waiting about a year and a half just to see this film. It was WELL worth it. oh and the 3-D was incredible. I'll probably see it more then once, so anybody that wants to go.. I will def. go witchu! haha.

It was also my other sisters birthday...

Saturday: was the asshole named DEE's birthday..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY asshole! hope you liked the cupcakes n cake i made you.. (see i do love u a lil... )


one. Lakers Beat the Cavs. This is the kinda team I wanted to see against the bitch-ass Celtics last year. Odom stepped UP, and Gasol is showing a lot more power. There not getting punked in the post, there getting there rebounds and scoring. And Kobe was sick!? This is the unity I like to see in my team!


If you only knew how exciting this is to me...
One of my favorite performances and song:

three. I finally saw a test clip of Spike Jonze "Where the wild things are" based on the book. and WOW. For the past year or two I've only seen screen captures but NOW to see an actual video, makes me antsy for this movie to come out!

Here are other videos directed by Spike Jonze that I am a fan of. I usually watch these went I need a burst of creativity and I'm drawing a blank.

that commercial is hillarious!

Four. Danny Elfman confirming that He and Tim Burton are working on Alice in Wonderland.

I've heard rumors, but to hear it from his mouth I CANNOT wait. And of course how can you not do a burton+elfman movie with out Johnny Depp who has been said to be playing "The Mad Hatter" If you look in my previous blogs I did blog a photo that i found online about it.

And just cause I'm an avid fan Of Tim Burton's work:

and if you ever get a chance, and you are a Tim Burton fan.. I suggest you read this book

Burton On Burton
It has a forward by Johnny Depp and Burton himself breaks down every film he has done. Including the one's while working for Disney. A GREAT read. It also shows his sketches which make that much more worth it!

Oh yeah, on sunday I went to the boat show at L.A convention center with my fam left buying my 3 lil nieces blow up aliens. haha. What can I say. I HAD TO get em!. The show was pretty sick, I mean there are some huge ass boats with a bathroom and all that.. I'll post pics soon.

Upset of my weekend
Really Chris Brown? Say it ain't so buddy. I'm highly disappointed in this. My six year old niece adores this guy! I mean she JUST had a party focused on Chris Brown.
I want to know what happened. Cause tmz.com can only inform you so much. haha

What I realized I missed this weekend
- Lunch Truck Food: Fries in a yellow bag and a Chimeechanga with sour cream. Prolly hand's down one of the best things that came out of my crapy (which is REALLY NICE..now) high school life. Hey Tito.. "Donde estas mi papas fritas?" oh memories. SGHS class of 2002!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

pantone you rock.

i've always loved the color scheme for this company.

2 week sketches...

So I had this really funky dream.. and it had 2 vital points. 1) I had a coldasack (I know i totally "spelt" that wrong) and it was in the shape of a hand, the palm being the middle meeting point for everybody.
2) Towards the end of the dream, everybody turned into M & M people.
.. a lot different from the normal Me hangin' out with oompa loompas I normally dream about...

40 - 9 , thankyou Gasol.

This is the type of game i wanted to see last year during the finals.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Way I See It # 17

" The world bursts at the seams with people ready to tell you you're not good enough. On occasion, some may be correct. But do not do their work for them. Seek any job; ask anyone out; persue any goal. Don't take it personally when they say "no" - they may not be smart enough to say "yes."

-- Keith Olbermann