Monday, June 16, 2008

"case of the mondays"

so as i sit here at 8:36am.. 36 minutes into my work day.. =/ and my brain isnt feeling creative at all. sometimes a jump start works...

lets recap my weekend..

1. babe left for jacksonville ;( corny i know but life is boring when he's not around. see ya in 2 weeks hun! have fun!
2. tia and deborah came over to keep me company. YEY ;)
3. zack came to check in on me. got to see his nasty ass stitches.
4. MANA time. hung out with my mana-saurus for some well needed mana moments.
5. Photobooth fun!.
6. laker game. all i can say is "phew".
7. Fam came home from camping looking exhausted and tan! haha
8. started on a new "mini" munny
9. new "igotsole" color-ways
10. worked on some "top secret" projects haha.

that almost worked.. off to my daily sites of inspiration.

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