Thursday, November 20, 2008


2009 - 2010 seems to be good years for up-coming movie release.. just for starters disney's going crazy with this new 3d thing.
so far there re-releasing Toy Story (1 and 2) and Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

Also with new pixar/disney flicks like "Up" and "G-Force"

but to the picture.. 2010 is est. release of Live Action Alice in Wonderland directed by none-other then Mr. Burton himself. Can Depp and Burton ever do a movie that isn't good? But that's just my opinion.

I don't really know if that a actual movie still release, it could be fan art.. but it's a damn good one.

Also as i've said before "Where the wild things are" is going to be released, that's on my top to see. I loved the book as a kid and i love the book now. Something about it always got to me.

and then there is Toy Story 3 that is being released. I mean.. SHIT! toy story 3!! i couldnt be happier when i heard that news.
No new news on it out currently but when i was watching a documentary on Pixar films at the end they announced it.

and another 3d movie being released in 2009 is coraline. With the people that brought u Nightmare before christmas... def. def. want to watch that too...

here is the "Up" movie trailer (disney/pixar KILLS it when it comes to these type of movies..)

oh and how can i forgot ASTRO BOY!! finally the trailer is out

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