Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend recap..

well just the important stuff i felt needed to be said..

on Saturday i witnessed first hand ignorance. I went to go get food at a mom and pop restaurant because my fam wanted some chicken shwarma so i went to go get some. The lady working the register was very friendly. Now before i forget to say the place was packed and she didn't get a chance to refill the napkin dispensers. As i was ordering a little girl comes up to ask her for some napkins the lady says "how many do you need?" and the girl says nothing. So politely the lady give her a couple napkins not knowing she has a 3 other people with her. As she walks to her seat to hand her dad the napkin I see him look at the cashier and shake his head. At first i thought ah well, it's not her fault his daughter did not speak up. But after my order was taken. The cashier went to the man to apologize and give him more napkins and he says. "No we needed them before there's no use for them now." I was shocked at his response. I would just be happy that she went out of her way for me. But i guess some people can just be assholes.

Sunday: Me and the paint to my canvas went to go watch role models at the archlight everything was going great. The movie was awesome, it was getting better and better and then One hour into it! the movie shuts off and the fire alarm goes off. There was a fire in the building! GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAT! we all pile out and I got half of a movie.. GREAT.. so instead of being pissed at the fact we only saw half the movie. We went to the awesome spot called 4 and 20. yeah 4 and 20. in the end i had an awesome pie and an awesome spot.

currently working on some alice in wonderland vans....
i'll post pics when i'm done

check the original 1951 trailer. Things were so simple then. now compare it to this one. it's a new movie from Henry Selick the director of nightmare before christmas. A movie in 3-D Coraline. It comes out next year.. I can't wait!

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