Tuesday, January 13, 2009


works been crazy busy... (B U S Y).. I haven't had the chance to even get on this... just wanted to do a quick.. VIDEO ROLL.. (*update soon.. i swears it.)

aright, all my 90s kids stand up for this one.. (and no not u kids that were born in the 90s. i mean the kids that were KIDS in the 90s.)

I asked my mom for one of these for years, and she always said NO. (because my mom being a nurse, i got all my school supplies from the hospital.. she told me it was part of her pay. gotta love it..) But one year we were at "THRIFTY" and I randomly asked her and she actually said yes.. and to this day I still remember which one it was because i would draw the graphic on it. ALL THE DAMN TIME..

animaniacs..yakko. wakko. and dot. slappy the squirell.. the pigeons.. BRILLIANT!!

an ant eating alien...

I always wanted a hat like that..

My mom saw me watching this show once, and bought me the mini-book series. She thought i'd enjoy the book more then the show.. It didn't end up working out the way she planned haha..

okay.. this show was hands down one of my favorites! When i got one of those pens and put it on a necklace i thought i WAS part of the ghostwriter team. sad i know.. My imagination was intense when I was a kid..Guess some things don't really change

I watch it now.. and STILL want to go on this damn show...

There's my 90s rant... hope you guy's enjoy these videos..

oh and thank God for YouTube.

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