Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm taken back by the mere amazement of our new president. As a kid politics never interested me, shit. during history class I once answered my "scan tron" test by drawing a picture with the bubbles.

But now as I get older, I see how interesting our history could be. Even the history of my parents country. And now I'm actually living in a historical moment it's a great feeling. How crazy to think that when my nieces are in High school (since right now there too young to completely comprehend wants going on) there going to be learning about this. I wonder how much our history's going to change from here.

I also noticed that Obama references Abraham Lincoln a lot. Makes me want to read more on his history... hmm.. How Fresh would that have been if he came out in a top hat. lol.

While i'm ranting on this..
WHO woulda effin thought that a Graffiti Artist's poster would be a world recognized campaign for our president. That show's such diversity that's going on. GO SHEP!!

i LOVE this song, and the second Beyonce sings the words "At Last" the crowd starts cheering perfect song perfect moment. Reminds me Allie and Noah's First Dance in "The Notebook". Mebbe that's why i liked it so much..

oh and sidenote..
i haven't said or thought of the word "scan tron" since 2002.

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