Friday, January 2, 2009

was that you??

I had to get this subject matter outta my head. Let me give you the scenario.. Ray and I are parking the car to meet up with Hank at a bar in santa monica to ring in the new year. As we were standing there we see a tall guy's silhouette. We crossed the street and turned back and the guy was gone. I mean he couldn't have gone anywhere with out us seeing because there's no where to go. We were trippin out for awhile...
It's weird While i was standing in front of the car the man just stood there a few feet away from me. He stood like somebody i knew. Somebody I miss terribly. I wonder if that was him watching us. Looking out for us like he always did. Must have been his way of saying "what's up".. Thanx for lookin out for us..

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