Monday, August 24, 2009

it's monday....

i haven't been doing much blogging lately even though i said i would be back. So...Let me fill you back in.

My Weekly Mix Tape
- it has consisted of a few albums
01. The 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack
02. Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list Soundtrack
03. Mix Master Mike - Bangzilla
04. Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening


I discovered a new tv show.. "The IT crowd"

watch it. It's hi-larry-us. I love sitcom comedy


I found out that KIDROBOT is having a munny contest, I'm jumping at the opportunity. The Prize, a mega munny designed by you in a show with amazing artist that I look up to. If i win it would be a dream come true. I first got into KR when my mom was sick at first she thought it was just a hobby that would come and go. (* growing up i had a million hobbies only 1 stuck. and that was art) But something about the munny intrigued me. It gave me a escape to what was going on in my reality. I was losing my mom slowly. And Slowly as the years passed my skills improved and my mom became weaker.
I was in college majoring in graphic design about 2 weeks after i graduated I had a what would be my last "real" talk with my mom (by then her cancer had spread to her brain and liver.. i didn't want to accept it but the inevitable was happening) We talked about my future. What i want to do. Where I would be. She'd often tell me "don't worry everything will be okay, just remember what i taught you" I remember her asking me "How's that "flower" toy your working on" I laughed. and told her "It's not a flower! i actually dont know what it is." She laughed and said "You better work on that" after we both had a good laugh. She proceeded to tell me how proud she was of me and that If i keep her and my dad (who had passed away a few years back) in my heart and her teachings in my soul i could go anywhere. Before I left her room so she could rest she told me "hey. If you get good at that toy designing maybe you can make me one day." I laughed and walked out. That would be the last conversation I had with her. She passed away 2 weeks later. It became my sole goal in life to become the best artist I could ever become. Not just for myself but for her.

Winning this would be the biggest thank-you i could ever give my mom. It would be an Opportunity to express something I never got to tell her in person.

i'll post pics of my entry in another post.


Time to work.

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