Thursday, October 29, 2009

live performances:

Last night I watched "This is it". If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT. Michael was about to KILL the game. Even thought it was just rehearsal you can see all the amazing things that were about to go on during the show. Thriller and Smooth Criminal hands down are my favorite performances/songs. Watching "This is it" gave me so much in site on how creative he was also what an amazing person he was. His attention to detail and attention to knowing what his fans would want made me that much MORE of a fan. Rest easy michael.

But it also gave me the idea to post all my favorite live performances, well. SOME of them and in no particular order.

-Michael Jackson - "Dangerous" at the 3:50 mark killin' it!

-Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal" 2:43 !!!

-Aaliyah - "I Refuse" okay so this isn't a "LIVE" performance but listen to her!!

-Aaliyah- "The One I gave my heart to" listening to her always gives me goosebumps..

**Sidenote** I tried to find Aaliyah performing "Try Again" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno but it was no where to be found on youtube. That performance is near and dear to me it was the first and only time I ever had a chance to see her perform live. I also shared that day with an amazing friend that made it all possible. Thank you dee-dee, rest easy i never forgot you.

-Blink 182 - "I miss you" a personal favorite

-Plus44- "When your heart stops beating" ... TRAVIS IS PLAYING with one arm! amazing

-TRVS DJAM and Warren G- "Regulators" SICK. SICK. SICK.

-Sublime and Gwen Stefani- "Saw Red" turn this up, the volume is really low on the video

-Sublime- "Caress me down"

-Sublime- Bradley's solo Rest in peace

-Frank Sinatra- "I've got the world on a string" one of my favorite songs. EVER.

-Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong-

-Judy garland, frank sinatra and dean martin-

-Bob Marley- Jammin'

-Erykah Badu- "Love of my life"

-Lauryn Hill- "Lost Ones"

-Incubus- "Drive"

-Reel Big Fish- "Take on me"

-The Killers-"Mr Brightside" acoustic. (this song/album reminds me of turning 21)

-Tamia- "Officially missing you"

there's a ton more i couldn't find and if i do find them. I will update this post!

Hope you like them!

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